Draft Recap Round One

Lions Draft Review.

First round 2nd second overall Suh: This was to many a no brainer. With the second overall pick many would consider it a horrible mistake to pass on Suh. I could just sit here and praise Suh and the Lions like these guys; but I choose not to save your time and mine. To state it simply, this was an obvious choice, and the Lions did the right thing.

First round 30th overall Best: I have a hard time giving my full opinion on this because it seems to change every day. First off, let us talk about Best’s abilities. I think he is a very versatile back that will add an instant weapon to the Lions arsenal. Everyone knows that Best posses top end speed and elusiveness. Too me though he has two very underrated abilities. Although him being a scat back he has surprisingly good skills running inside. This can be attributed to his great vision and quick feet. He has the tendency to bounce runs outside, but I do not anticipate it making that big of a difference in the NFL. To me he is more likely to gain extra yardage by using his speed on the outside rather than lowering his shoulder (plus this might keep him a tad healthier).

The second thing I have noticed that I feel most people have overlooked is his ability to shake tackles. This might confuse you because most people say he does have the ability to break arm tackles but not much more than that. Now look at the statement I said; it says shake not break tackles not because I wanted to use some synonym but for a distinct purpose. Jahvid Best uses his quickness and agility to keep defensive players off balance, not allowing them to square up and get there head around. Best gets credit for breaking arm tackles but he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being the one to force defenders to only use arm tackle .

Now I have been almost completely positive about Best until now. One of the biggest concerns about a running back is their durability. In the NFL running backs have an incredibly short shelf life, due to the fact that your body takes a pounding each and every time you touch the ball. Best has already had plenty of injury concerns in the past; and I will not lie this scares me. Injuries form the past don’t implicate how many you will have in the future. Just look at Adrian Peterson, he had a horrific injury to his knee but now is one of the best backs in the league. A knee with surgery and rehab can be fixed, but a concussion cannot. Best has had a history of concussion highlighted by his freak accident against Oregon State. There is no way to completely heal from a bruised brain, and each successive concussion makes the next one easier to get.  Injuries may be the only thing that will be able to slow down the lightning Bolt of Jahvid Best.

All of this being said I am very glad Best will be wearing a Honolulu jersey. However, I don’t really agree with the trade up to get him. I highly doubt any of the teams they jumped to get him would have selected him. I believe the Lions really wanted this player and got a little too nervous when Spiller and Matthews were taken so early. It was a small price to pay to ensure you got the guy you wanted but none the less it was still a price. Hopefully Best lives up to his name and provides the team with a production for years. I must admit he is very fun to watch.


2010 NFL Draft Grades Beware

In the wake of the 75th NFL draft almost every sports media outlet will be releasing draft grades. I will admit; like every other fan I love looking at these to see what “experts” think about my favorite team’s draft.  The more research I have done the more I realize how pointless these draft grades are.

It is not a novel idea that draft grades are extremely inaccurate, most people say to look at them with a grain of salt. I go a bit further and say to ignore them altogether. There should be a warning in the title that says for entertainment purposes only.

To prove my point let’s look at the core of former Lion’s GM Matt Millen’s drafts. Please folks prepare for the worst, young children should leave the room now.

2003: Let me first say HAHAHA. Ok now that is over; this draft is absolutely worthless. Charles Rogers had the potential to be a great a wide receiver and I understand why people were excited about him. As a foolish 13 year old at the time, I was excited to see my favorite MSU player wear blue and silver. Too bad Rogers smoked more blunts than he did defenders while in the NFL. I won’t get into Rogers sad demise (like opting to go to jail rather than going to an alcohol rehab program) because it will make me too sad.

The linked article doesn’t give the draft a Z- because of Cory Redding. Redding has sense bean traded after two unproductive seasons. He was a solid 3rd round pick but not a good one. I would go with a solid F on this draft judging by the fact you number two overall pick isn’t in the league anymore.

2004: Wow another A+ draft for Matt Millen. Why was he ever fired and classified as the worst GM ever by all Lion’s fan (satire is harder to write than say). First off this is probably the best draft of Millen; not that that is saying much. I will not completely bash the picks; Kevin Jones was pretty darn good until he got injured. Millen was able to make some trades to pick him up. (I just complimented Matt Millen I may have just thrown up in my mouth) Roy Williams only had some talent and had successful years, mostly in a pass happy offense though. I can’t call Williams a bust because we got 1st and 3rd round picks for him.

2005: yet another A+ for Matt Millen. This draft was absolutely awful, Mike Williams just signed with Seattle, which I guess makes it better that we can say he is still in the league. Other than the big fat bust Mike Williams (pun intended) I haven’t heard of a lot of the guys the Lions drafted. Oh that’s right most of them don’t play football anymore. Dan Orlovsky is the only salvageable pick in this draft. As a 5th rounder he became what he was supposed to be, a solid back up.

Well now you have some evidence about how deceiving draft grades can be. As for now be happy that this organization acquired some talent college players; and hope that they will be productive in the NFL.  Just as another example look at the grade for last year’s draft. I think one year with this draft class has shown that it is worth more than a B-. However classes cannot be truly analyzed until 3 or 4 full seasons. I hope the 2010 draft headlined by Suh and Best, will turn around the Lions.

Press Conference Update

UPDATE: If you want to listen to the press conference it’s audio file can be found here. Mayhew’s press conference went just about exactly the way I said it would. Some interesting notes are as follows:

The Lions will not meet again with Adam Jones until after the draft, and Lito Sheppard met with Mayhew today. Other than that Mayhew didn’t talk about the corner back position.

Mayhew wouldn’t talk about Suh Mccoy or Haynesworth(which he can’t because he is under contract with another team)

Mayhew expressed interest in upgrading the running back

Other than this Mayhew didn’t say anything news worthy or surprising.

Overall: Mayhew has been happy with the free agent signings but just because they signed a player at a certain position, it doesn’t indicate they will not address the same position in the draft.

I was happy to hear Mayhew say that the off-s0eason wasn’t”successful” but that it was productive. To him the off-season will be graded by how it translates to the regular season. I like that statement.  I will admit I wasn’t sure when Mayhew was hired because he was part of the Millen regime, but he has been an absolutely great GM so far

Lions Weekly News and Notes

Just as a reminder there is only one more week before the 2010 NFL Draft(The draft is 7pm et on the 22nd). This post will be dedicated to the Lions and the pre-draft rumors. First we need to look at this video of Ndamukong Suh that is swirling around the Lions community.

When I first watched this video I was impressed like any other fan. People love to hear positive things about potential players for their favorite team. When watching I was determined not to get swept off my feet. I reminded myself that this is just a workout all NFL players are gifted and are going to be impressive on a TV show. I’m a firm believer that evaluation is best done by watching players play their game not run 40 yard dashes on a TV show or at the combine.

Then I watched it again, and although it really doesn’t change my mind on the player who already has a nearly impeccable scouting report it did make me smile. The first thing I saw was him throw 300 pound bags around like they were nothing. When I first saw the video I thought that they were 100 pound bags. The second thing that stood out to me that I would love to see play for Detroit, is the hardest hit sports science had ever seen.

All this being said, his workout was very impressive, and I want Suh on my team; but this video shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about drafting Suh. If you realized Suh was a great NFL prospect because of a Sports Science show and not all of his other workouts and games played than you must have your head under a rock. I want to see Suh in Honolulu blue.

The Lions will be having a press conference this afternoon to discuss their intentions in the draft. Don’t expect much to be said during this draft though I expect Schwartz and Mayhew to say nothing more than they usually do. It will just be rehearsed quotes of, “We will be looking into any and all options.” Then there will be hopeful questions asked like,  “Are you looking to draft Suh?” or “Are you still thinking about trading down?”.  Of course the answers will be the same for both questions; yes we will be exploring all options. I really doubt that the Lions will be straight forward with their draft plans, and nor should they. So, fans don’t expect to hear any breaking news today about the draft.

While there may be no news about the draft the Lions may release some information about possible free agents, and maybe shoot down some trade rumors. I personally would love to hear an update about Lito Sheppard or Adam “Pacman” Jones. As for the trades I highly doubt that the Lions will tip their hands if they are indeed in trade talks. However I can see them saying that they are not in trade talks for Donald Penn, or any of the other absurd trade rumors.

Tigers First Series

The overall reaction to the Tigers opening week was good, good not great. How could you consider it great if you are playing the team anticipated to finish last in the division.  The Tigers were lucky enough to win the game that Zach Greinke, which even with Verlander on the mound is impressive.  Don’t get to happy though the Tigers relied on beating  up on the week bullpen on Kansas City to win the first game of the season. As for the second game of the season the Tigers were not as fortunate in the second game of the season. After evening the score in the 9th and taking the lead in extra innings Valverde blew a save to end the game. The last game was very interesting on paper because of the fragile Dontrelle Willis would be taking the mound. Willis had everyone holding their breath when he walked the first two batters of the game. Unlike old Dontrelle he didn’t fall apart and ended up throwing a good game.  Detroit ended up rallying late in the game to give the Tigers the win.

Reaction to Players:

Dontrelle Willis: Like I said before Willis was the biggest question mark entering the season. His first start showed that he has the potential to be a solid pitcher in the rotation for the year. Don’t get carried away, this is only one start and Willis has had good starts before breaking down later in the season. I hope that this is how he will pitch all season not just for the Tigers but for himself.

Verlander and Scherzer: Pitched how they are supposed to. There is not much to say about this topic they are good and they  pitched well.

The position players are very hard to analysis after one series, one player may be batting 500 and finish the season just about 200, we can still get some implications on how people will play.

Damon: Has not looked very good in this series, he is only batting a buck fourteen, but what is worse is he hasn’t been advancing runners when he has the opportunity.   I am not too worried about him, he should end up having a good season, he is a veteran who will get on base.

Cabrera: Looks like he is off to a great start. I highly doubt that he will shatter the batting record by continuing to bat 571, but hopefully it is a sign of things to come. Once again he is a player that is good and expected to play well which he has.

Jackson: Has lived up to the hype and in my opinion, he has exceeded it. I don’t expect him to hit 300 or anything like that, but i feel as if he is capable.  Jackson not only has the pressure of being a rookie and playing for a new team, but to somehow replace Granderson. I feel as if he will never replace Granderson they are completely different people even though their playing style and skin color are similar. Jackson has impressed me greatly and I already can call him a Tiger,

Pistons over the Tigers

Why oh why do TV stations do what they do? For people that do not know Fox Sports Net Detroit (the main local sports station) will not be showing the Tigers game tonight.  Instead the network will be playing the Red Wings and the Pistons on there bonus channel designed for playing multiple games. It is obvious why the Red Wings would get the normal channel, they are in the playoff race and every game matters. I am not upset about this decision, I am however mad about them playing the abysmal Pistons over the Tigers.

For people who do not know the Pistons are near  the bottom of the league, and what make it worse is the fact that most fans are rooting for them to loose. Let me clarify, the Pistons have no chance at making the playoffs and people want them to get the highest draft pick possible that could turn the franchise around. I won’t get into this topic because my blog isn’t about the Pistons.

The Tigers second game may have little implications about the season, but this is still way more important of a game than the Pistons could offer. The game should be on no excuses what so ever. I do understand that TV coverage is not just simply determined by what games are more interesting and important, but in this case they should be.

Tigers Playoff hopes?