Good Luck Curtis Granderson

What first was seen as a “fire sale”, the trade of Curtis Granderson has taken on a new light after the singing of closer José Valverde and Johnny Damon. The question remains than; why did they trade Granderson at all?
The answer to me is simple: Granderson reached his max potential with Detroit. Coming up through the minors Granderson was never a highly ranked prospect. Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean Granderson wasn’t and isn’t a good player his progression just vastly exceeded original expectations. I feel that the Tiger’s organization felt like it was better to trade Granderson while he still had high value across the league. This was a move for the future of the organization and we will see if it is deemed a success by how Scherzer and Austin Jackson pan out for the tigers.

September 30, 2009 – Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images North America)

My prediction for Granderson is that he will have an exceptional year with the Yankees:
1. Last year Granderson showed to have a considerable amount of power playing in a pitchers park. He will be moving to the new Yankee Stadium where balls seem to be flying out.
2. Granderson will be able to find a comfortable spot in the batting order. He will no longer have to be the leadoff hitter.
3. Granderson will be surrounded by one of if not the best lineups in baseball.
4. Granderson will have new coaches that may be able to teach him how to bat against left handers.
5. Granderson has one of the best personalities in all of baseball; I believe he will flourish in the pressure cooker of New York City.
Regardless of how his future career progress, I wish Granderson the best of luck even though he plays for the hated Yankees. It will be sad to see the “Who’s your Tiger?” commercials without Granderson in them anymore. To me Granderson will always be my Tiger.


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