Lion Fans Should Root for Bradford and Clausen

Photo: Getty Images - #7 Jimmy Clausen, #14 Sam Bradford

Reports released yesterday by NFL network’s Jason la Canfora confirm that Detroit will “actively shop” their number 2 overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft. In order to get the most value out of this pick there needs to be a highly touted prospected that people are willing to move up in the draft to get. The easiest way for the Lion’s number 2 to pick rise in value is for one of the top rated quarterback’s stock to skyrocket. This would create two possible scenarios: 1. The Saint Louis Rams would use the first pick in the draft to pick up their future franchise QB(Clausen or Bradford)  or 2. One of the big defensive tackles (Suh or McCoy) is picked first overall leaving the top rated quarterback still on the board. In both of these situations a big named prospect would fall to a number two spot where a plethora of teams may be willing to move up to pick this individual. Both of these scenarios depend on at least one of the quarterbacks proving to be a potential franchise quarterback.

You may be skeptical of why the Lions should move down in the draft when a possible game changing player at a position of need is available. The answer is simple though; the Lions need as many good players as they can. If they can get two defensive starters by trading down rather than one this would be a huge plus for their abysmal defensive. The Lions need talent at every position; overall talent is much more important for the team’s success than a potentially great player. The key word there is potentially; as much as people try to say Suh is a “sure thing” there is no real way to know. A bust at this point in the rebuilding process would be extremely detrimental for the Lion’s future.

The remaining of this post will simply be speculations of trades that could be made that involve the Lion’s moving their no. 2 overall pick. The most likely of suitors for the 2nd pick in the draft would be the Seattle Seahawks if they fall in love with one of the quarterback prospects. The Seahawks are in one of the weakest conferences in the NFL and therefore might find it hard to be at the top of the draft again. Seattle also needs to find the next franchise QB to replace the aging Matt Hasselbeck, and Seneca Wallace (currently their back up) Who does not appear to have what it takes to be a starting NFL QB.

There is the possibility that Seattle might put of drafting a QB high in hopes that Jake Locker, the Washington Native, in the 2011 draft. This is highly unlikely because Locker will surely be the first QB taken in next year’s draft; and quite possibly the first overall player taken.  However, if a deal is completed between Detroit and Seattle it would most likely involve Detroit getting both of Seattle’s first round picks (the 6th and 14th overall). The deal would also include the swapping of 2nd round picks or Detroit’s the 3rd round pick for Seattle’s 4th The backend of the trade has many permutations (involving future draft picks) but the crucial part of the trade would be Detroit picking up two first round picks and Seattle moving up to take their future QB.

Other teams that might move up:

Jacksonville: Also need a QB for the future, but don’t have the pieces to move up unless the Lions wish to stockpile picks for next season’s draft.

Cleveland: May want to solve their QB situation once and for all, but either a third team must be involved or they would have to somehow drop Quinn or Anderson before the trade. Overall this is unlikely because of their difficult QB situation and with their new president Mike Holmgren picking off the radar QB’s like Farve and Hasselbeck.

Washington: Might want to move up from the 5th spot to nab their future quarterback before anyone else can, like they tried last year with Sanchez. This is unlikely unless there are many teams trying to pick up the top QB in the draft.


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