New and Note for NFL Combine

(February 26, 2010 - Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images North America)

Today is by far the most boring day of the combine. As much as it is funny to watch 300 pound man running a 40 yard dash it isn’t that applicable to  their success in the NFL.  I watched the offensive lineman over the tight ends (who would be much more fun to watch) because the Lions have much greater need for a lineman after the pickup of Brandon Pettigrew.

Three players caught most of my attention during the workouts.

  1. Russel Okung came into the combine as the undisputed highest rated offensive tackle in the draft. He did nothing to change this view (unlike Andre Smith did last year). Okung looked strong in drills and had the second highest amount of reps in the bench press (38). After the combine I think it is safe to say that the Okung will be picked high in the draft unless he completely flops during his pro day.
  2. Mike Iupati was a little disappointing. I have not seen him very much mostly because Idaho doesn’t get very much national exposure. I really have only heard great things about him and I was disappointed in his numbers.  Numbers really don’t mean that much with offensive lineman compared to film, that being said I still would like to have seen him put 225 up at least 30 times. However this might be a blessing in disguise, he might fall into the second round where the Lions could snatch him up.
  3. The most impress combine performer of the day was Bruce Campbell. He looked very athletic (32 inch vertical and a 4.85 40) and has the prototypical frame of 6 foot 6 and 315 pounds. Before the combine he was slated as a late first round pick at the highest with a lot of upside. After today I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the second OT taken. Jason Smith proves that the NFL is moving toward more athletic tackles to counter the speed rushers prevalent in the NFL

I doubt that the lions would get either of these tackles but mike Iupati is still a possibility. Tomorrow the QB, RB and WR will take the field.


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