Lions defensive needs

Defensive end: The defensive line needed more attention than arguably any other position this off-season.  With the addition of Kyle Vanden Bosch the defensive ends need less attention than they did be fore. However Vanden Bosch won’t be a long term answer.  The Lions could pick an end as early as the second round(assuming they don’t move down in the draft) but i doubt it. My anticipation is that they will pick a defensive end in the later round to add depth and potentiality pick another Sammie Lee Hill type player.

Defensive tackle: The defensive tackles on the field next year may look dramatically different than they did last year. Sammie Lee Hill looked like a solid NFL player last year despite being a late round draft pick. The addition of  Corey Williams will also help bring depth to the position. This is small news compared to the fact that most likely the Lions will end up getting Suh the game changing defensive tackle with the 2nd overall pick.  After all of the change with the defensive line, it will move from a weakness to a strength.

Linebackers: The Lion’s linebacker will not look that different as last year. Foot is out and Levy is in as the new starter, and we will all see how that works out. There may be small additions in free agency and through the draft but most likely there will be no major change in the core.

Safety: Louis Delmas looked great last year and will help bolster the secondary for years to come.  The other safety spot is up for grabs and may change in a multitude of ways. My best guess is that they will address this hole with a veteran  but add depth with the draft. Hopefully they will hit on a late round draft pick like they did last year.

Corner: The corners will be completely different  than last year. Jonathan Wade and Chris Houston will replace Buchanon and Henry.  Hopefuly this will be an improvement from last year, but there is no real way of knowing.


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