Pistons over the Tigers

Why oh why do TV stations do what they do? For people that do not know Fox Sports Net Detroit (the main local sports station) will not be showing the Tigers game tonight.  Instead the network will be playing the Red Wings and the Pistons on there bonus channel designed for playing multiple games. It is obvious why the Red Wings would get the normal channel, they are in the playoff race and every game matters. I am not upset about this decision, I am however mad about them playing the abysmal Pistons over the Tigers.

For people who do not know the Pistons are near  the bottom of the league, and what make it worse is the fact that most fans are rooting for them to loose. Let me clarify, the Pistons have no chance at making the playoffs and people want them to get the highest draft pick possible that could turn the franchise around. I won’t get into this topic because my blog isn’t about the Pistons.

The Tigers second game may have little implications about the season, but this is still way more important of a game than the Pistons could offer. The game should be on no excuses what so ever. I do understand that TV coverage is not just simply determined by what games are more interesting and important, but in this case they should be.


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