Tigers First Series

The overall reaction to the Tigers opening week was good, good not great. How could you consider it great if you are playing the team anticipated to finish last in the division.  The Tigers were lucky enough to win the game that Zach Greinke, which even with Verlander on the mound is impressive.  Don’t get to happy though the Tigers relied on beating  up on the week bullpen on Kansas City to win the first game of the season. As for the second game of the season the Tigers were not as fortunate in the second game of the season. After evening the score in the 9th and taking the lead in extra innings Valverde blew a save to end the game. The last game was very interesting on paper because of the fragile Dontrelle Willis would be taking the mound. Willis had everyone holding their breath when he walked the first two batters of the game. Unlike old Dontrelle he didn’t fall apart and ended up throwing a good game.  Detroit ended up rallying late in the game to give the Tigers the win.

Reaction to Players:

Dontrelle Willis: Like I said before Willis was the biggest question mark entering the season. His first start showed that he has the potential to be a solid pitcher in the rotation for the year. Don’t get carried away, this is only one start and Willis has had good starts before breaking down later in the season. I hope that this is how he will pitch all season not just for the Tigers but for himself.

Verlander and Scherzer: Pitched how they are supposed to. There is not much to say about this topic they are good and they  pitched well.

The position players are very hard to analysis after one series, one player may be batting 500 and finish the season just about 200, we can still get some implications on how people will play.

Damon: Has not looked very good in this series, he is only batting a buck fourteen, but what is worse is he hasn’t been advancing runners when he has the opportunity.   I am not too worried about him, he should end up having a good season, he is a veteran who will get on base.

Cabrera: Looks like he is off to a great start. I highly doubt that he will shatter the batting record by continuing to bat 571, but hopefully it is a sign of things to come. Once again he is a player that is good and expected to play well which he has.

Jackson: Has lived up to the hype and in my opinion, he has exceeded it. I don’t expect him to hit 300 or anything like that, but i feel as if he is capable.  Jackson not only has the pressure of being a rookie and playing for a new team, but to somehow replace Granderson. I feel as if he will never replace Granderson they are completely different people even though their playing style and skin color are similar. Jackson has impressed me greatly and I already can call him a Tiger,


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