Lions Weekly News and Notes

Just as a reminder there is only one more week before the 2010 NFL Draft(The draft is 7pm et on the 22nd). This post will be dedicated to the Lions and the pre-draft rumors. First we need to look at this video of Ndamukong Suh that is swirling around the Lions community.

When I first watched this video I was impressed like any other fan. People love to hear positive things about potential players for their favorite team. When watching I was determined not to get swept off my feet. I reminded myself that this is just a workout all NFL players are gifted and are going to be impressive on a TV show. I’m a firm believer that evaluation is best done by watching players play their game not run 40 yard dashes on a TV show or at the combine.

Then I watched it again, and although it really doesn’t change my mind on the player who already has a nearly impeccable scouting report it did make me smile. The first thing I saw was him throw 300 pound bags around like they were nothing. When I first saw the video I thought that they were 100 pound bags. The second thing that stood out to me that I would love to see play for Detroit, is the hardest hit sports science had ever seen.

All this being said, his workout was very impressive, and I want Suh on my team; but this video shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about drafting Suh. If you realized Suh was a great NFL prospect because of a Sports Science show and not all of his other workouts and games played than you must have your head under a rock. I want to see Suh in Honolulu blue.

The Lions will be having a press conference this afternoon to discuss their intentions in the draft. Don’t expect much to be said during this draft though I expect Schwartz and Mayhew to say nothing more than they usually do. It will just be rehearsed quotes of, “We will be looking into any and all options.” Then there will be hopeful questions asked like,  “Are you looking to draft Suh?” or “Are you still thinking about trading down?”.  Of course the answers will be the same for both questions; yes we will be exploring all options. I really doubt that the Lions will be straight forward with their draft plans, and nor should they. So, fans don’t expect to hear any breaking news today about the draft.

While there may be no news about the draft the Lions may release some information about possible free agents, and maybe shoot down some trade rumors. I personally would love to hear an update about Lito Sheppard or Adam “Pacman” Jones. As for the trades I highly doubt that the Lions will tip their hands if they are indeed in trade talks. However I can see them saying that they are not in trade talks for Donald Penn, or any of the other absurd trade rumors.


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