Press Conference Update

UPDATE: If you want to listen to the press conference it’s audio file can be found here. Mayhew’s press conference went just about exactly the way I said it would. Some interesting notes are as follows:

The Lions will not meet again with Adam Jones until after the draft, and Lito Sheppard met with Mayhew today. Other than that Mayhew didn’t talk about the corner back position.

Mayhew wouldn’t talk about Suh Mccoy or Haynesworth(which he can’t because he is under contract with another team)

Mayhew expressed interest in upgrading the running back

Other than this Mayhew didn’t say anything news worthy or surprising.

Overall: Mayhew has been happy with the free agent signings but just because they signed a player at a certain position, it doesn’t indicate they will not address the same position in the draft.

I was happy to hear Mayhew say that the off-s0eason wasn’t”successful” but that it was productive. To him the off-season will be graded by how it translates to the regular season. I like that statement.  I will admit I wasn’t sure when Mayhew was hired because he was part of the Millen regime, but he has been an absolutely great GM so far


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