2010 NFL Draft Grades Beware

In the wake of the 75th NFL draft almost every sports media outlet will be releasing draft grades. I will admit; like every other fan I love looking at these to see what “experts” think about my favorite team’s draft.  The more research I have done the more I realize how pointless these draft grades are.

It is not a novel idea that draft grades are extremely inaccurate, most people say to look at them with a grain of salt. I go a bit further and say to ignore them altogether. There should be a warning in the title that says for entertainment purposes only.

To prove my point let’s look at the core of former Lion’s GM Matt Millen’s drafts. Please folks prepare for the worst, young children should leave the room now.

2003: Let me first say HAHAHA. Ok now that is over; this draft is absolutely worthless. Charles Rogers had the potential to be a great a wide receiver and I understand why people were excited about him. As a foolish 13 year old at the time, I was excited to see my favorite MSU player wear blue and silver. Too bad Rogers smoked more blunts than he did defenders while in the NFL. I won’t get into Rogers sad demise (like opting to go to jail rather than going to an alcohol rehab program) because it will make me too sad.

The linked article doesn’t give the draft a Z- because of Cory Redding. Redding has sense bean traded after two unproductive seasons. He was a solid 3rd round pick but not a good one. I would go with a solid F on this draft judging by the fact you number two overall pick isn’t in the league anymore.

2004: Wow another A+ draft for Matt Millen. Why was he ever fired and classified as the worst GM ever by all Lion’s fan (satire is harder to write than say). First off this is probably the best draft of Millen; not that that is saying much. I will not completely bash the picks; Kevin Jones was pretty darn good until he got injured. Millen was able to make some trades to pick him up. (I just complimented Matt Millen I may have just thrown up in my mouth) Roy Williams only had some talent and had successful years, mostly in a pass happy offense though. I can’t call Williams a bust because we got 1st and 3rd round picks for him.

2005: yet another A+ for Matt Millen. This draft was absolutely awful, Mike Williams just signed with Seattle, which I guess makes it better that we can say he is still in the league. Other than the big fat bust Mike Williams (pun intended) I haven’t heard of a lot of the guys the Lions drafted. Oh that’s right most of them don’t play football anymore. Dan Orlovsky is the only salvageable pick in this draft. As a 5th rounder he became what he was supposed to be, a solid back up.

Well now you have some evidence about how deceiving draft grades can be. As for now be happy that this organization acquired some talent college players; and hope that they will be productive in the NFL.  Just as another example look at the grade for last year’s draft. I think one year with this draft class has shown that it is worth more than a B-. However classes cannot be truly analyzed until 3 or 4 full seasons. I hope the 2010 draft headlined by Suh and Best, will turn around the Lions.


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