Draft Recap Round One

Lions Draft Review.

First round 2nd second overall Suh: This was to many a no brainer. With the second overall pick many would consider it a horrible mistake to pass on Suh. I could just sit here and praise Suh and the Lions like these guys; but I choose not to save your time and mine. To state it simply, this was an obvious choice, and the Lions did the right thing.

First round 30th overall Best: I have a hard time giving my full opinion on this because it seems to change every day. First off, let us talk about Best’s abilities. I think he is a very versatile back that will add an instant weapon to the Lions arsenal. Everyone knows that Best posses top end speed and elusiveness. Too me though he has two very underrated abilities. Although him being a scat back he has surprisingly good skills running inside. This can be attributed to his great vision and quick feet. He has the tendency to bounce runs outside, but I do not anticipate it making that big of a difference in the NFL. To me he is more likely to gain extra yardage by using his speed on the outside rather than lowering his shoulder (plus this might keep him a tad healthier).

The second thing I have noticed that I feel most people have overlooked is his ability to shake tackles. This might confuse you because most people say he does have the ability to break arm tackles but not much more than that. Now look at the statement I said; it says shake not break tackles not because I wanted to use some synonym but for a distinct purpose. Jahvid Best uses his quickness and agility to keep defensive players off balance, not allowing them to square up and get there head around. Best gets credit for breaking arm tackles but he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being the one to force defenders to only use arm tackle .

Now I have been almost completely positive about Best until now. One of the biggest concerns about a running back is their durability. In the NFL running backs have an incredibly short shelf life, due to the fact that your body takes a pounding each and every time you touch the ball. Best has already had plenty of injury concerns in the past; and I will not lie this scares me. Injuries form the past don’t implicate how many you will have in the future. Just look at Adrian Peterson, he had a horrific injury to his knee but now is one of the best backs in the league. A knee with surgery and rehab can be fixed, but a concussion cannot. Best has had a history of concussion highlighted by his freak accident against Oregon State. There is no way to completely heal from a bruised brain, and each successive concussion makes the next one easier to get.  Injuries may be the only thing that will be able to slow down the lightning Bolt of Jahvid Best.

All of this being said I am very glad Best will be wearing a Honolulu jersey. However, I don’t really agree with the trade up to get him. I highly doubt any of the teams they jumped to get him would have selected him. I believe the Lions really wanted this player and got a little too nervous when Spiller and Matthews were taken so early. It was a small price to pay to ensure you got the guy you wanted but none the less it was still a price. Hopefully Best lives up to his name and provides the team with a production for years. I must admit he is very fun to watch.


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